Kaisu Halonen

Growth Strategist

About Kaisu
Kaisu is passionate about finding and analysing the need-to-know insight for a winning strategy driving profitable growth. She’s also a certified agile (SAFe 4.0) leader that helps you hit the business objectives behind your sales & marketing solution development project. With her background in intercultural comms and years spent in the UK & Germany, Kaisu has an in-depth understanding of the English- and German-speaking markets in particular. Kaisu has 15+ years of experience and a true track-record from driving ROI through enhanced market understanding. She has helped eg.  Siemens, Specsavers and the German Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact Kaisu if you’re looking e.g. for new business opportunities or an interim growth leader.

Kaisu is located in Helsinki.

Petri Kovalainen

Creative Marketing Lead/Strategist

About Petri
Petri sees your customer engagement problem with a solution and turns ideas into ready-to-sell and holistically thought through concepts. Moreover, thanks to his previous sales experience he knows how to make sales happen through these concepts. Petri has made his living as a creative strategist and photographer for over a decade. As a multidisciplinary creative talent he sees after your interests in your partner agency co-operation, and keeps projects on track, delivered with optimal quality. Petri’s clientele has included several international brands such as Nike, Microsoft and Red Bull.

Please contact Petri if you are interested in new product or service concepts, or in need of an efficient external marketing resource management.

Petri is located in Tampere.

Jussi Normi

Creative Design Lead

About Jussi
Jussi is a brilliant creative thinker combining technological know-how and design thinking with business understanding. He sees the essential in business objectives and adds value by innovating to find a commercially successful creative solution. Jussi is a multidisciplinary talent in creative design able to help you with product, creative and digital design environments. As an industrial and creative designer with a professional background of 15+ years e.g. from healthcare, FMCG, sports and consumer electronics, Jussi has worked with brands like Golla, Thermo Fischer, P&G and Sirona.

Please contact Jussi if you’re in need of physical or digital design to meet your objectives.

Jussi Is located in Turku.

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