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To evaluate your possibilities for sustainable growth, we can help you discover the need-to-know insight, analyse it to understand the potential markets, target groups and competitive situation –using either existing data or collecting new information where needed.

Once the insight has been turned into strategy and optimal positioning, execution needs to be measured for maximal ROI. We can build a simple yet effective set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the whole commercial organization to evaluate the sales & marketing activity efficiency and push for collaboration. To measure correctly, we can even evaluate you chart of accounts and other key financial reports.

· Market/business analysis & strategic insight
· Key performance indicators & measuring


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After the relevant insight is in place, we can help you turn it into effective growth.
Whether you are looking into a new market, taking market share or looking for investors, we help you define the core of your business / brand and position it to differentiate you from the competition.

This is done by looking into potential target groups’ key decision drivers and analysing your strengths and opportunities against your likely competitors. As no change is done without people, we can also help you with your change management and develop your commercial organization so it’s aligned as one team driving your objectives.

· Growth & Go-To-Market Strategies
· Brand Strategies & Positioning


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How your business logic works and what the portfolio you offer is built makes all the difference for your company’s success. We can help you by designing concepts or re-designing your existing portfolio to boost competitiveness. We use real-life design understanding enabling us to consider topics such as production (method) costs. We utilize 3D and augumentedreality (AR) solutions allowing the user to see the product in real-life context -i.e. what a coffee machine looks like in your kitchen or the office furniture you’re selling in you customer’s premises.

· Business Design
· Product / Service & Portfolio Design

Check our Augmented Reality & Visualisations by clicking HERE


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Your brand identity and marketing communications should reflect who you are and what you stand for.  Building on your purpose and vision, we’ll help you with creative solutions that communicate your brand and create a meaningful connection with your consumers / customers.

· Brand and Identity Design DNA
· Concept / Campaign Design


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Only few companies can afford a whole commercial team of professionals for interim needs such as market entries. A set of part-time interim leaders can bring just the needed talent to get things going - bringing fresh ideas. Do you want to reorganise your marketing operations for better results? We can  provide an interim marketing lead to manage your marketing resources, or build / rebuild your marketing operations, so they are set for success.

· Interim Commercial Team / Marketing Lead
· Marketing & Business Culture Training

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